The core of the Bridge Media Group business. We produce all kinds of folding boxboard packaging including cartons,
slipcases, sleeves etc. We produce these both in the UK, and higher volume, cost critical runs at our facilities
in Eastern Europe. The markets we are currently involved in are Media and Entertainment, Food and Drink,
Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty and general retail packaging.

Luxury Packaging

Bridge Media Group is a specialist in creating bespoke packaging for luxury goods and limited editions.
The additional processes we have available can make products really eye catching, or just add
that touch of luxury to enhance perceived value.

Rigid Boxes

These are made by laminating a pre-printed sheet to solid board,
which is then die cut and formed into shape, and then lined if necessary.
Many extra features can be added, not just with our specialist Litho finishes,
but with magnetic closures, and metal hinges and clasps.

Media Packaging

This is where Bridge Media Group started, and we still produce huge amounts of packaging for the Music,
Film, TV and Computer games markets. We even still produce many thousands of record sleeves!