Duran Duran - Perspex Box/Slipcase

Duran Perspex Box Duran Perspex Box Two
Duran Duran - Perspex Magnetic Lift Off Lid Slipcase

We hand crafted a 3mm Transparent Black Perspex Slipcase which had a clear 3mm Perspex Window to the front, this was so that the individual owner could create various artworks for the framed front cover, it also had a 10mm Black Perspex Magnetic Lid to the right hand side. This then housed 5 x 12” Vinyl Albums and a 36pp 12” Book.

Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition

Heavensward Rigid Box Set, Casebound Art Book
Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition

Rigid Lift off Lid and Base Box with Shoulder to house Game, Casebound Artbook and Toy. The box was produced using Cold Foil and Matt Laminate to the outside with a shoulder & inner fitment. We also produced the Casebound Art Book, Box O Card and the Cold Foil Inlay for the game case.

Total War Attila

Attila Cold Foil Slipcase with Leather Graining and textured map
Total War Attila - Game Pack

The slipcase had a lot of spacial finishes to really show this product off and stand out on the shelf. Cold Foil, Leather Grain, Multi Level Sculptured Embossing and High Build Spot Gloss UV. The 6pp Digipack had two clear trays and a pocket, the digipack also had a leather grain, the pocket housed a fold out map, that was produced on a textured Wibalin material, this gave the map an authentic old material look and feel. Finally the slipcase also housed a DVD sized Perfect Bound Book.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter - The Complete Story Read By Stephen Fry

Special Edition Pack - gold foiled outer sleeve wrapped around a rigid box filled with 103 wallets split into 7 solid colours to house 103 separate discs with 7 dividers.

Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings
Lord Of The Rings

Press Kit, Double Walled Slipcase, 8pp DVD Flexi with One Tray and Window Patched Capacity Pocket.