Leather Grain

Total War Attila

Attila Cold Foil Slipcase with Leather Graining and textured map
Total War Attila - Game Pack

The slipcase had a lot of spacial finishes to really show this product off and stand out on the shelf. Cold Foil, Leather Grain, Multi Level Sculptured Embossing and High Build Spot Gloss UV. The 6pp Digipack had two clear trays and a pocket, the digipack also had a leather grain, the pocket housed a fold out map, that was produced on a textured Wibalin material, this gave the map an authentic old material look and feel. Finally the slipcase also housed a DVD sized Perfect Bound Book.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Lenticular
The Evil Within - Limited Edition

Tuck End Carton with unique inner fitment to house all game platform sized cases, It was matt laminated with a spot gloss uv, across 48 different artworks and 5 x platforms. Die cut hole to front cover to reveal a 3D Lenticular, finally a Perfect Bound Book with Leather Grained Cover.