High Build Spot Gloss UV

MCV Awards 2016

Bridge Media Pen Pack Bridge Media Pen Pack Two
MCV Awards 2016

Bridge Media Group were proud to be sponsors of this years MCV Awards, which saw some great winners, well done all. We supplied table gifts in a unique and creative pen pack, which had green glowsticks enclosed and shining through, showing off our branded pens. The packaging also had a high build spot gloss UV and each pack had it’s own unique number, for the chance for one lucky person to win an iPad mini.

We had numerous entries for the competition, however the lucky winner was Ollie Coe from Ubisoft and we have already delivered the good news along with the iPad Mini.

Total War Attila

Attila Cold Foil Slipcase with Leather Graining and textured map
Total War Attila - Game Pack

The slipcase had a lot of spacial finishes to really show this product off and stand out on the shelf. Cold Foil, Leather Grain, Multi Level Sculptured Embossing and High Build Spot Gloss UV. The 6pp Digipack had two clear trays and a pocket, the digipack also had a leather grain, the pocket housed a fold out map, that was produced on a textured Wibalin material, this gave the map an authentic old material look and feel. Finally the slipcase also housed a DVD sized Perfect Bound Book.

Print Sense

Vodka PrintSense Effect
Stand out from the crowd. Engage your PrintSense!

By utilising some very clever new digital printing technology, we are able to create stunning textures and incredibly high gloss varnish on your printed materials of a level never seen before. 60% of people will consciously touch the print, and viewing time is increased by a massive 90%.