Cold Foil

Cold Foil Christmas Cards

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Cold Foil Christmas Cards

Cold foil is one of the most innovative print processes developed in the last 10 years, and Bridge Media are recognised experts of this technique with millions of units produced.

A fine silver foil is applied to the substrate and then overprinted conventionally to give a rainbow of possible colours - the restrictions of hot foil and it's expensive dies are overcome and a myriad of colours, tones and tints, all underpinned with a metallic effect, are waiting to be unlocked.

Until now multiple foil colours on the same sheet were an expensive luxury, cold foil allows an unlimited number of foil colours for the price of one…now you can let your creativity flow without being hindered by budgets.

We have a limited time offer of 1000 Christmas Cards for £385 with your personalised cold foil design. 

Order yours today before this deal ends!

Bridge Media - The Luxury Packaging Awards Finalist

Elite LPA
Bridge Media selected as Luxury Packaging Award Finalist

Bridge Media are so pleased to have been selected out of hundreds of entries to be one of this years finalists, for our design and manufacture of the Elite Dangerous Limited Edition Rigid Box Set and contents. The use of Cold Foil, Matt Laminate, Hot Foil, Pin Badges.... were just a small selection of finishes and products that really gave this limited edition box set a real premium presence.

Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition

Heavensward Rigid Box Set, Casebound Art Book
Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition

Rigid Lift off Lid and Base Box with Shoulder to house Game, Casebound Artbook and Toy. The box was produced using Cold Foil and Matt Laminate to the outside with a shoulder & inner fitment. We also produced the Casebound Art Book, Box O Card and the Cold Foil Inlay for the game case.

Elite Dangerous Box Set

Elite Dangerous Box Set
Elite Dangerous - Limited Edition Box Set

The box had to contain branded polo shirts of varying sizes, from small to XXXL, so the space for the shirt had to be flexible. We designed a 'floating' platform to enable this, which then held a limited edition game pack, paperback book and a pin badge which worked as a fastener.
The games Creator, David Braben OBE wrote a personalised letter for each of the 7,000 recipients, which we also produced, along with every element of this wonderful project.
The difficult part of this project was that the personalised letter had to also marry up with the correct shirt size for each of the recipients, and then in turn with the personalised address label, which we then had to fulfil into a bespoke shipping carton and distribute to 7,000 individuals worldwide.
The use of Cold Foil, Matt Lamination and Spot Gloss UV worked really well throughout the end packaging.

Total War Attila

Attila Cold Foil Slipcase with Leather Graining and textured map
Total War Attila - Game Pack

The slipcase had a lot of spacial finishes to really show this product off and stand out on the shelf. Cold Foil, Leather Grain, Multi Level Sculptured Embossing and High Build Spot Gloss UV. The 6pp Digipack had two clear trays and a pocket, the digipack also had a leather grain, the pocket housed a fold out map, that was produced on a textured Wibalin material, this gave the map an authentic old material look and feel. Finally the slipcase also housed a DVD sized Perfect Bound Book.


Shogun 2 - Digipack

Special Edition Pack - We printed this special edition pack on FBB using a double hit of UV black plus a yellow on top of a cold foil silver to achieve the gold. The pack can accommodate multiple discs, varying sizes of booklet paginations and a serialised key card.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry - Son of Sparda Edition

Special Edition Pack - creative foiled outer slipcase inner book pack with die cut window for game to inside left panel and die cut window showing Dante’s necklace housed in foam to right side panel.