Cold Foil Christmas Cards

Xmas Tree London Bridge

Cold Foil Christmas Cards

Cold foil is one of the most innovative print processes developed in the last 10 years, and Bridge Media are recognised experts of this technique with millions of units produced.

A fine silver foil is applied to the substrate and then overprinted conventionally to give a rainbow of possible colours - the restrictions of hot foil and it's expensive dies are overcome and a myriad of colours, tones and tints, all underpinned with a metallic effect, are waiting to be unlocked.

Until now multiple foil colours on the same sheet were an expensive luxury, cold foil allows an unlimited number of foil colours for the price of one…now you can let your creativity flow without being hindered by budgets.

We have a limited time offer of 1000 Christmas Cards for £385 with your personalised cold foil design. 

Order yours today before this deal ends!


doom pack shot
DOOM - Tuck End Cartons, Large O'Ring & Iron On Patches

We were lucky enough to work on the packaging for Doom, the volumes were large and in excess of 500,000 units, which suits our capabilities perfectly. The products shown above were for the Tuck End Cartons across three games platforms and also a Limited Edition Large Oversized O'Ring.

We also had to supply over 1.2 million units of iron on patches for clothing. These consisted of two designs with overlocked edges and woven to give a great quality and end look and feel.

Please visit our
case studies page to see the video of the production of the carton products.

FaceGym Pro

Face Gym Pro
FaceGym Pro - Cosmetic Packaging

This product consisted of a Rigid Base Box with white foam to house the FaceGym Pro unit, along with the bottle of gel.
A USB cable and plug were housed within the foam too, with additional foam on top of them to keep them hidden from the main products.
We also produced the 28pp A5 Booklet and an O’Card sleeve with extra tuck in flap, the sleeve was matt laminated and spot gloss UV’d to
help the product stand out on shelf and give the overall design the additional creative flare it deserved.
Along with producing all parts for this, we were tasked with the complete fulfilment and shipping.

MCV Awards 2016

Bridge Media Pen Pack Bridge Media Pen Pack Two
MCV Awards 2016

Bridge Media Group were proud to be sponsors of this years MCV Awards, which saw some great winners, well done all. We supplied table gifts in a unique and creative pen pack, which had green glowsticks enclosed and shining through, showing off our branded pens. The packaging also had a high build spot gloss UV and each pack had it’s own unique number, for the chance for one lucky person to win an iPad mini.

We had numerous entries for the competition, however the lucky winner was Ollie Coe from Ubisoft and we have already delivered the good news along with the iPad Mini.

Ben 12" Gatefold

Ben 12
Ben - 12” gatefold Record Sleeve

We are producing more and more vinyl record sleeves lately, the latest being a recreation of an original 12” Gatefold Sleeve for Ben. These LP’s are mastered at Half Speed at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, then pressed onto 180gsm vinyl, offering the listener the best ever sounding version of the album. The sleeves are printed from superior quality scans with detailed reproduction artwork. This is one of the rarest collectors’ items - a holy grail for Vertigo label aficionados - with auction prices for a mint original LP (when available) reaching a recent auction peak of £1,625.00.

Branded Merchandise 2016 Catalogue

Bridge Branded Merch Book Cover
Branded Promotional Merchandise Catalogue 2016

We now have our 2016 Branded Merchandise Catalogue available and so please don’t hesitate in contacting us for your free copy or why not view thousands of products to choose from online. Visit it our branded products website here:


Seedlip Box
Seedlip - Rigid Presentation Taster Box

We were asked to produce a bespoke short run of a high quality outer box to support the launch of a new drink, Seedlip, the world’s first distilled, non-alcoholic spirit.

“We were very excited to be approached,” says Nik Hersey-Walker, Group Operations Director and Partner at Bridge Media. “The brand owner wanted outside packaging to go with the very striking identity they had developed for the product.”

Bridge Media produced a box, with a lift off lid, which has a high quality feel. “It’s made from printed paper laminated to a 2mm thick board” explains Nik. “It’s printed all over in one pantone colour, a subtle light grey, with the Seedlip logo foil blocked using a copper coloured foil.”

“Inside there is a rigid platform with a die-cut insert on top of it to hold the bottle of Seedlip and a can of tonic to go with it,” he says. “We are very proud of the overall effect. It’s perfect to embody the brand image of a product that’s handmade, rooted in history and yet innovative, and above all, expresses high quality and luxury.”

Fallout 4 Merchandise

fallout4 pos
Fallout 4 Merchandise

We have come up with a high quality and distinctive range of packaging, merchandise and point of sale displays for Bethesda Softworks for its brand new Fallout 4 game.

Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, is the fifth major instalment in the long running and highly successful Fallout series.

We were able to produce a complete and unified range of merchandise, including packaging, point of sale displays and merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, bags and posters. Our ability to offer a service covering all these types of product meant that Bethesda could use us as the one source for all its needs, saving the time and effort involved in going to suppliers with a more narrow focus.

All the products use a simple image of the character Pip Boy taken from the game and instantly recognisable to Fallout fans. The branding is very strong, it gets across the look and feel of the game in one clear image.

Bridge Media - The Luxury Packaging Awards Finalist

Elite LPA
Bridge Media selected as Luxury Packaging Award Finalist

Bridge Media are so pleased to have been selected out of hundreds of entries to be one of this years finalists, for our design and manufacture of the Elite Dangerous Limited Edition Rigid Box Set and contents. The use of Cold Foil, Matt Laminate, Hot Foil, Pin Badges.... were just a small selection of finishes and products that really gave this limited edition box set a real premium presence.

Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition

Heavensward Rigid Box Set, Casebound Art Book
Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition

Rigid Lift off Lid and Base Box with Shoulder to house Game, Casebound Artbook and Toy. The box was produced using Cold Foil and Matt Laminate to the outside with a shoulder & inner fitment. We also produced the Casebound Art Book, Box O Card and the Cold Foil Inlay for the game case.

Great Kneighton - Perfect Bound Brochure

Great Kneighton Brochure
Great Knighton - Perfect Bound Brochure

Oversized A4 Perfect Bound Brochure with Throw Out Map Section. The cover was heavyweight and finished with a Matt Laminate and PrintSence UV, which gave it a premium look and feel, similar to a High Build Spot UV but at a fraction of the cost.

Elite Dangerous Audio CD Soundtrack

Elite Audio Pack
Elite Dangerous - Audio CD Soundtrack

This Audio CD Soundtrack was an 8pp Digipack with 3 x Clear Trays and a Pocket. The open ended pocket housed a 24pp CD Booklet and the trays were for 3 x Audio CD’s. Again, we produced all parts of this, including the manufacturing of the discs, fulfilment and shrink-wrap.

Kent 20/20

Bridge Media Stand Bridge Media Show Stand
Kent 20/20 - Bridge Media Stand

Bridge Media had a stand designed and produced by ourselves at this years Kent 20/20 Show.
We were really pleased with the outcome of the day and met some very interesting companies to work with.

Elite Dangerous Box Set

Elite Dangerous Box Set
Elite Dangerous - Limited Edition Box Set

The box had to contain branded polo shirts of varying sizes, from small to XXXL, so the space for the shirt had to be flexible. We designed a 'floating' platform to enable this, which then held a limited edition game pack, paperback book and a pin badge which worked as a fastener.
The games Creator, David Braben OBE wrote a personalised letter for each of the 7,000 recipients, which we also produced, along with every element of this wonderful project.
The difficult part of this project was that the personalised letter had to also marry up with the correct shirt size for each of the recipients, and then in turn with the personalised address label, which we then had to fulfil into a bespoke shipping carton and distribute to 7,000 individuals worldwide.
The use of Cold Foil, Matt Lamination and Spot Gloss UV worked really well throughout the end packaging.

Daily Telegraph Rigid Slipcase

Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph - QP Slipcase

This Rigid Slipcase was wrapped in a Brillianta Brown Cloth Material. It had Gold Hot Foil branding on the side and front cover. The overall slipcase was made out of 2000 micron board.

Rennie - Rigid Presentation Box

Rennie Bespoke Rigid Box with window
Rennie - Rigid Presentation Box

Rigid Presentation Box in the shape of an arrow with a window patched slipcase. The box had an inner fitment to house Rennie packs plus a custom USB stick.
It was also finished in Soft Touch Laminate, Spot Gloss UV and a Window Patch.

Total War Attila

Attila Cold Foil Slipcase with Leather Graining and textured map
Total War Attila - Game Pack

The slipcase had a lot of spacial finishes to really show this product off and stand out on the shelf. Cold Foil, Leather Grain, Multi Level Sculptured Embossing and High Build Spot Gloss UV. The 6pp Digipack had two clear trays and a pocket, the digipack also had a leather grain, the pocket housed a fold out map, that was produced on a textured Wibalin material, this gave the map an authentic old material look and feel. Finally the slipcase also housed a DVD sized Perfect Bound Book.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Lenticular
The Evil Within - Limited Edition

Tuck End Carton with unique inner fitment to house all game platform sized cases, It was matt laminated with a spot gloss uv, across 48 different artworks and 5 x platforms. Die cut hole to front cover to reveal a 3D Lenticular, finally a Perfect Bound Book with Leather Grained Cover.

Wolfenstein The New Order

Wolfenstein Packshot
Wolfenstein - The New Order - Occupied Edition

Tuck End Carton with unique inner fitment to house all game platform sized cases, it was matt laminated with a spot gloss uv, across 42 different artworks and 5 x platforms. 24 Page Book, Collated and Flow Wrapped set of 3 Post Cards plus a Plastic Card Wallet.

Kylie Minogue Box Set

Kylie Minogue Box Set
Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once - Vinyl Box Set

Limited Edition - Rigid Lift Off Lid Box, Wrapped in Kashgar with hot debossed lips, 4 x Art Prints, 1 x Unique Numbered life size Lips Art Print, 12” Lips Sticker Sheet and
Acetate frame with specialist high build UV for fans to recreate the album front cover image.

60's Style Record Sleeves

Zombies 12
The Zombies - Begin Here

We were approached to replicate a production method that was over 50 years old for a special edition 12” Album. A high quality beautifully produced sleeve was easy, making it look literally 50 years old called for real skill. The result is a sleeve that perfectly replicates an old fashioned production method with outside edge rounded glue flaps.

Print Sense

Vodka PrintSense Effect
Stand out from the crowd. Engage your PrintSense!

By utilising some very clever new digital printing technology, we are able to create stunning textures and incredibly high gloss varnish on your printed materials of a level never seen before. 60% of people will consciously touch the print, and viewing time is increased by a massive 90%.

Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise
Branded Promotional Merchandise

We have now launched our website that specialises in branded merchandise with prices and thousands of products to choose from. Visit it our new site here:

Hakuoki - APET Slipcase, Audio CD, Lenticulars x 2 and Fulfilment

Hakuoki Game Set, Lenticulars and APET Case
Hakuoki - APET Slipcase, Audio CD, Lenticulars x 2 and Fulfilment

We were approached by a game development company and asked to produce 2 x 3D Lenticulars, Audio CD and a printed APET (plastic) Slipcase. The slipcase was produced on a 300 micron APET material printed 4 colours plus a white base, the Lenticulars had to replicate samples that had come in from Japan and were of excellent quality, we had to match the same depth in the 3D as well as the same colour consistency, which we did and our customer was over the moon with the end result. We were also supplied with a Nintendo 3DS game and asked to fulfil the complete package and deliver to their distribution warehouse, as with most of our projects, we had a very tight deadline, which we managed to achieve.

Sonic Style Guides

Sonic The Hedgehog - Style Guide

Classic Style Guide - made with a rigid cover for a quality feel with a Sonic blue wiro. The aim of this guide to show how to design and create any Sonic related products.


Marmalade Design, CD and 12
Marmalade - 12” Triple Gatefold & CD Digipack - Design and Print

We were approached by an independent Record Label and asked to produce a 12” Triple Gatefold, 24pp 12” Book, Vinyl, as well as a CD, Digipack and CD Booklet. All printed parts were produced on an uncoated textured stock to give a nice look and feel that matched the style of photography. On this particular project we were given numerous photos and information and were asked to also design and set up the complete artworks for all printed parts, prior to manufacturing. The whole project was turned around within a tight 4 week lead time.

Sonic Generations

Sonic Box Set
Sonic Generations - Celebrating 20 Years of Sonic Art

Collector’s Edition Pack - Included a collectable figurine, individually numbered gold ring, ’20 Years of Sonic’ art book, ‘20th Anniversary Sonic Soundtrack, ‘History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon’ documentary and limited edition lenticular packaging and bonus additional game content.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records

We have now launched a brand new service of vinyl manufacturing. This service includes everything from pressing, label and sleeve printing, through to bespoke vinyl box sets.

Promotional Merchandise

Bridge Media Branded Products
Promotional Merchandise

We have now launched a merchandise manufacturing service, which covers thousands of products including mouse mats, USB’s, mugs, pens, t-shirts, etc.


Shogun 2 - Digipack

Special Edition Pack - We printed this special edition pack on FBB using a double hit of UV black plus a yellow on top of a cold foil silver to achieve the gold. The pack can accommodate multiple discs, varying sizes of booklet paginations and a serialised key card.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter - The Complete Story Read By Stephen Fry

Special Edition Pack - gold foiled outer sleeve wrapped around a rigid box filled with 103 wallets split into 7 solid colours to house 103 separate discs with 7 dividers.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry - Son of Sparda Edition

Special Edition Pack - creative foiled outer slipcase inner book pack with die cut window for game to inside left panel and die cut window showing Dante’s necklace housed in foam to right side panel.

Movember 2012

movember images and pack shot
Bridge Media Support Movember

A lot of fun was had in the office with these ‘Mo’ packs that we decided to produce and send out in support of ‘Movember’ 2012. Face masks and moustache stickers were part of the pack. We also had a competition to win an iPod Nano.

Tin Products

Pendulum Tin CD Album
Pendulum - CD Album

Collectors Edition
Embossed Tin Case with Sticker
Containing round cornered wallet, booklet and Audio CD

CD and DVD

Multiple CDs
Replication & Duplication

We offer duplicated and replicated discs CD and DVD from as few as 10 copies


Skyrim Strategy Guide Book
The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

Computer Game Strategy Guide, 660 Page Perfect Bound Book, Laminated, Spot UV and Embossed to Front Cover

Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings
Lord Of The Rings

Press Kit, Double Walled Slipcase, 8pp DVD Flexi with One Tray and Window Patched Capacity Pocket.

Duran Duran - Perspex Box/Slipcase

Duran Perspex Box Duran Perspex Box Two
Duran Duran - Perspex Magnetic Lift Off Lid Slipcase

We hand crafted a 3mm Transparent Black Perspex Slipcase which had a clear 3mm Perspex Window to the front, this was so that the individual owner could create various artworks for the framed front cover, it also had a 10mm Black Perspex Magnetic Lid to the right hand side. This then housed 5 x 12” Vinyl Albums and a 36pp 12” Book.